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7 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar & Help Avoid & Reverse Diabetes

I’m going to share with you today the 7 leading foods that have been clinically proven to help lower blood sugar…and potentially help prevent diabetes or better yet, reverse it.

And the benefits don’t just stop there as reducing blood sugar levels may also boost weight loss, reduce wrinkles, increase energy and help to improve recall.

1. Vegetables

It comes as no surprise that we’re presented with various types of diets—high fat, low carb, Mediterranean, you name it…And while each is effective to a certain degree, there’s one common denominator shared between all of them.

Each of these diets consists of eating vegetables...especially those green ones which are the best for you

Spinach, Broccoli, kale and other greens are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and other ingredients which all help reduce inflammation, blood pressure and sugar levels.

The best part is that you can eat as much as you want! Steaming is especially great…and delicious; however, be sure not to eat with any dressing. If looking for an extra touch of flavor, a great trick is to add a dash of sea salt, lemon and other spices.

2. Fatty Fish

One of the healthiest foods on the planet is fish– particularly the fatty ones as they’re low in heavy metals and high in essential omega-3-fatty acids. And of course, they’re a GREAT source of protein.

One of the reasons that fish is so beneficial for your heart and blood sugar is due to how it helps to reduce inflammation and blood sugar – and this is even if you’ve eaten with carbs such as white rice.

Some of the best fish are sardines, wild caught salmon, herring, anchovies and mackerel.

3. Nuts

Raw nuts don’t just taste delicious, but they’re great for your diet too. High in fiber, low in carbs and containing essential fats, these are perfect to snack on throughout the day. All of this helps reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar, A1C and Cholesterol levels.

Some of the healthiest nuts for you are walnuts, almonds, Hazelnuts, Pistachios and macadamia.

You may be surprised to learn that peanuts and cashews are not nuts which is why you should avoid them. Rather, they are legumes and often cause severe allergic reactions in certain people.

If you are going to eat them, be sure to consume them raw as roasting or cooking them alters the fat structure.

And make sure you don’t eat too much, since they are very dense in calories.

4. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is extremely beneficial for heart health and blood sugar.

It contains oleic acid which is a type of monounsaturated fat that has been shown to improve triglycerides and HDL, which are often at unhealthy levels in type 2 diabetes. It also increases the fullness hormone, GLP-19 which helps to reduce your cravings, especially for those harmful sugars.

Olive oils also contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which reduce inflammation, protects your heart and blood vessels — two areas that are significantly weak in people with high blood sugar.

Since most olive oil is mixed with other junky oils, be sure to pay attention when shopping and buy from a reputable source. Most likely, you’ll have to visit a specialty store as general supermarkets don’t typically carry olive oils that aren’t mixed with unhealthy junk.

5. Seeds 

Raw seeds such as flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and sesame seeds are packed with health benefits.

They’re very high in fiber and full of amazing minerals and vitamins.

They’re proven to help:

  • Decrease your risk for heart disease 
  • Improve your blood sugar levels 
  • Reduce your A1C levels 
  • Improve blood flow and circulation 

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to lower fasting blood sugar levels. When consumed with meals consisting of carbs, it may also help to reduce blood sugar response by as much as 20%!

7. Berries

You may have been told to avoid sugar, especially fructose which is the sugar found in fruit. And to a certain degree, this is correct…

I don’t think you should ever have fruit juice — it’s too concentrated.

However, fruit is really just made up of mostly water and fiber. And with a low glycemic index, they don’t raise your blood sugar very much.

One of the healthiest fruits are berries which are low in calories and have skin that’s rich in antioxidants due to ripening in the sun.  

Some of the best berries for you are blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. And while it isn’t technically a berry, I personally can’t get enough of sour cherries.These fruits are clinically shown to help reduce blood sugar, especially after a meal … even for those with diabetes.

Herbs, Plants & Extracts

While vegetables offer significant health benefits, lets quickly shift our focus away from food for a moment. In particular, specific plants, herbs, spices and extracts can have dramatically positive effects on your blood sugar.

And if you want the truth, plants and herbs are in fact considered a food and probably one the most important categories of it!

Some of my favorites include Bitter Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Fenugreek, Banaba Leaf and Cinnamon Extract. When these are combined together, along with some specific vitamins and minerals, scientific research has shown over and over again that they can help to create healthy blood sugar levels and lower A1C levels.

Believe it or not, specific plants, herbs and extracts can offer benefits comparable to treatments you may buy at a pharmacy but without the negative side-effects.This really shouldn’t be too surprising since over 50% of these remedies are actually based on plants and herbs found in nature.The pharmaceutical companies alter the original structure, patent them and make billions. Unfortunately, in the process of changing the natural structure, they also create side-effects. 

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you achieve the benefits of these incredible superfoods without the negatives side effects. This safe and effective formula is trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals, including my own parents, who rely on it to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Requiring little to no effort, you'll begin to see significant results within just DAYS. With a solution that is this fast and simple, you owe it to yourself to put your health first...and get results that last. 


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