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Avoid The Top 3 Causes Of Inflammation (Clinically Proven)

It may come as a surprise to learn that the leading cause of aging, health problems, illness and death are all linked to inflammation. That’s why I’m going to reveal the top 3 causes of inflammation and the actions you can take to reduce or better yet avoid it. 

Inflammatory Foods (Avoid/Reduce)

Your diet significantly impacts chronic inflammation. More specifically, eliminating these 5 foods can help to reduce it:

  1. Sugars– this includes table sugar, syrups, juices, and alcohol. It does not include whole fruits.
  2. Alcohol– I consider alcohol sugar. Wine is grape juice. Alcohol leads to inflammation throughout your entire body, beginning in the liver and your brain.
  3. Bad Fats-These are the fake, artificial hydrogenated trans fats, as well as vegetable and seed oils high in omega 6 fats. You’ll typically find these fats in foods like pastries, French friends and other fast foods, along with packaged foods.
  4. Refined carbohydrates– I’m not here to tell you that all carbohydrates are bad for you; however, I can’t deny that a lot of the ones that taste good like cereal, bread, pasta and pastries…unfortunately are.
  5. Processed Proteins– While it isn’t acknowledged as much as some of the other harmful foods; processed proteins are one of the worst of all. This includes smoked meats, jerky and hot dogs…just to name a few. And I can’t forget to mention the worst protein of all…DAIRY.  

How you choose to cook your food is important as well. For instance, frying food is perhaps one of worst for you.

Inflammatory Exercises (Reduce/Avoid) 

Regular exercise is crucial to your overall health and wellness. However, many people live sedentary lifestyles that are doing more damage than they realize. That’s why in addition to getting up and moving, you want to make sure you’re doing the right types of exercise that will help to reduce inflammation as the wrong ones can actually make it worse. I’ve unfortunately experienced this first hand as it was heavy lifting and high intensity workouts that led to severe inflammation in my knees, back and shoulders.

Aerobic exercise is essentially cardiovascular that includes things like running, cycling and other high intensity workouts. While they have benefits, they can also heighten chronic inflammation in the heart and arteries. Anaerobic exercise involves things like muscle building and resistance exercise. CrossFit, for example, and other weightlifting programs can actually pose potential risks as lifting too much weight with heightened intensity can boost inflammation. Stress=Inflammation

Another significant contributor to chronic inflammation is both physical and emotional stress. While pushing yourself has a variety of benefits, too much stress for ongoing periods of time without proper recovery can have damaging effects. This can be pressure at work, upsets in your personal life, or persistent feelings of stress without properly recovering. 

Poor Sleep = Inflammation

Sleep…or rather lack thereof…is another significant trigger for inflammation in both your body as well as in your brain. It can even accelerate neurological conditions linked to memory issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessarily a longer sleep you should focus on getting, but rather a deeper, more restful sleep that allows your body to heal, repair and grow.  

Finally,…a Solution that WORKS

Diet and exercise are one of the many ways that you can help to combat inflammation. However, this method often takes time and effort that isn’t always guaranteed to deliver significant results. However, don’t get discouraged too quickly because I’m here to tell you that there is an effective solution that delivers fast results in a short period of time and with little effort on your part. Leveraging the power of botanical extracts, I’ve relied on this formula for years to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, seeing results within just days. Free of any exercise or restrictive diet, this solution ACTUALLY works which is why I, along with hundreds of thousands of other people, depend on it to support my pain free lifestyle. So take the first step to pain-free steps within days by discovering why my patients trust the leading formula to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and boost longevity.


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