5 Proven Reasons Why Men Love AlphaViril™

By Dr. Sam Robbins [ Monday 5/10/21 ]

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, EVERY man wants to improve his "performance" ... in AND out of the bedroom!

As a doctor, the reason I formulated AlphaViril™ in 1999 for myself, is because I was starting to:

x lose muscle and strengthmy

x belly fat was increasing

x I was tired & mentally unfocused


The  REAL Cause...

And the worst part of all... I was losing my "drive" - at work,  in the bedroom and in life!


A healthier diet & regular exercise program helped a little bit, but it wasn't enough.

This is because lower t-levels  and the  negative changes in your body are due to AGING ... And it starts as early as your mid 20's for us guys.


My Favorite  SOLUTION ...

And this is why I had to create AlphaViril™, to finally help "fix" this situation before things got much worse!

Below you'll discover the top 5 reasons why AlphaViril™ is so popular and effective for over 21+ years and why you may want to utilize it yourself today, to help maximize your output & performance!...

Guaranteed Results or Refund + $100.00


Let's remove ALL the "risk" and start with the most powerful guarantee in the business and below you'll discover why!...

We've been in business since 1996 and online since 1999 (that's over 20+ years!). We KNOW our formulas work and prove it with scientific studies.

And that's why we can offer a one YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee! However, we take it a step farther...

Because AlphaViril's 21+ year proven track record is so effective, we guarantee results in only 30 days, or you'll receive a  full refund + an extra $100.00 cash-back!

"5-In-1" Total Solution


As an endocrinology doctor, my goal was to formulate a solution to helps optimize and balance youthful hormones, to maximize the positive benefits - both short and long-term.

Unfortunately, other products are poorly designed because they only focus on ONE goal - to increase "T" levels. But that's just the beginning...

AlphaViril is "5 products in 1", saving you both time and money, by promoting:

doneMAXIMIZE: Youthful Total & Free "T"Improves Libido, Muscle, & Strength levels. *

doneOPTIMIZE: Nitric OxideNO - improved blood flow + vasodilation (“bedroom” performance). *

doneENHANCE: D2dopa mine (drive & function). *

doneMINIMIZE: Excessive Female Hormones Decreases Sex Drive, Causes Man-Boobs & Negative Emotions (less fat) *

doneDECREASE: DHTCauses Hair Loss & Prostate Problems levels (prostate health & head-hair growth) *

Scientifically Researched Ingredients


AlphaViril’s 21+ years of success in popularity and effectiveness is because this doctor formulation consists of:

  • 7 patented ingredients

  • 14 herbal extracts (earth-grown, Non-GMO)

  • 4 essential vitamins & minerals

  • 3 amino acids (pharmaceutical grade)

This “5-in-1” natural remedy produces fast results & long-term benefits, in a convenient veggie pill, at the very best value because:

  • correct combination of scientifically validated ingredients

  • utilizing clinically studied dosages

  • resulting in superior bioavailability & absorption

Proven & Trusted Source


AlphaViril™ is the only doctor formulated (by an endocrinology, hormone doctor) vegan pill that has:

done 21+ year proven success record.*

done 984+ reviews reviews (blood tests for proof)*

done Validated & scientifically researched.‡

done 3rd party certified & lab tested for purity

done USA Made in an FDA approved facility.

done Gluten Free, Vegan & Non-GMO

done One YEAR, 200% Satisfaction, $100.00 Guarantee

The  "Anti-Aging" Solution

I think we can both agree that this situation isn't going to "magically" fix itself. And the OLDER you get, the WORST the problem... right?

And this is where AlphaViril's 21+ years, scientifically researched formula can help support dramatic improvements in the anti-aging hormones... within a normal, youthful range!*


AlphaViril™ gives your body the specific nutrients that an "aging" body needs, so it can help naturally optimize hormone levels — especially when combined with a healthier lifestyle.*

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