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Dr. Robbins is the founder and director of the Health, Fitness & Longevity Institute, an establishment celebrated for its unrivaled success in helping people around the world achieve their health goals in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort.

A few words from Dr. Robbins

Hi and welcome to HFL. I’m Dr. Sam, an anti-aging & hormone specialist, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, writer, speaker, leading health entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve remained committed to helping people feel their best and look even better. Fueled by my research in Endocrinology (the study of hormones) and Anti-Aging Medicine, I’ve directed my focus towards helping improve people’s mental & physical health in an effort to avoid diseases, reduce pain and gain more enjoyment, vitality and fulfillment out of life!

With so many options to improve your health, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of options, leading to frustration and confusion. I’m here to offer you the guidance and wisdom that you need to find options specifically suited in achieving YOUR health goals — providing long-term solutions that are fast, simple and easy.
Health is “what I do”, even when I’m not working.

How To Save Yourself
Time, Money & Wasted Effort

I want you to learn from my mistakes, so you can save yourself time, money and wasted effort. I’ll give you my suggestions based decades of research and more importantly, REAL LIFE results!
  • I’ve done the research.
  • I’ve invested the time and money.
  • I’ve listened to and have interviewed the “experts”.
I’ve taken the best of the best — all the boring or complicated “stuff” — and I’ve simplified it for you (and myself!). Now it’s up to you to apply what you feel will work for YOUR needs, wants, desires and goals.

The “Secret” To Achieving Your Goals

And that’s the secret to all of this or anything in life — to APPLY what you learn, and to NEVER stop learning! To take action daily. To be consistent, persistent, patient and “flexible” in achieving your goals. And don’t forget, to achieve a goal, you first have to SET one! I hope this gives you a little bit more insight about me. Don’t forget to also connect with through some of my “social media” resources

F.A.Q. About Dr. Robbins

How Did You Get Started in This?
While I founded HFL in 1998, my passion for health and wellness predated back to when I was just a little boy. At 5 years old, I found myself in awe of the body builders featured in my brother’s muscle magazines. Fascinated by their peak physique, my curiosity showed no signs of slowing down as I entered my teenage years. At the time, I couldn’t quite understand why my classmates could do a dozen pulls ups, while I struggled to do just one. I was determined to improve, so that I could be a better athlete and no longer have to sheepishly await the sympathy pick for school sports’ teams. And of course, if not most importantly to me at the time, I wanted the girls to like me more!

Over the next few years, I learned as much as I could about how to improve my body. While my initiatives were initially focused towards just my physical improvement, I soon discovered that the premier athlete has better cognition, a higher-functioning brain and a mind-to-muscle connection. It was then that I realized these two elements were far from isolated, and the mind depended on the body functioning properly, just as the body relied on the mind.

As I continued to improve and optimize my own body, I’d find that friends and even strangers were beginning to ask me for advice with questions that I, too, had when beginning my own transformation. This illuminated what would become my true passion, sharing knowledgeable insights and information to benefit others.

As my career rapidly progressed, I soon discovered appointments filled with celebrities as well as professional and Olympic caliber athletes. Each of these clients was more motivated than the next, determined to see significant results….and FAST.

While I began my career focusing primarily on fitness, I’d redefine the scope of my expertise to prioritize “health” as well, Accompanied by a newfound emphasis on nutrition, vitamins and herbs, I focused on injury prevention, boosting the immune system, optimizing and balancing hormones and improving mindset.

As I entered my 40’s, I introduced the concept of ‘longevity,’ which has since played a vital role in my practice. Determined to maintain my mental clarity, I continue to recognize the importance of keeping a sharp mind as to help prevent cognitive decline such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Looking back, the past few decades have been a culmination of my intrigue from just a young age. Striving to achieve balance in the simplest way possible, I ultimately centered by initiatives around optimizing youthful hormones and neurotransmitters. Resulting in peak performance of the mind and body, you’ll have the energy and confidence you need to thrive.
What’s Your Educational Background?
I’ve always had a passion for learning, equipping myself with knowledge that could not only support my goals, but help other people achieve their own. While being an expert in the medicinal field requires years of education, its really knowledge by application that serves as the foundation for success.

I’ve had the privilege of supporting people’s health and wellness goals for decades now, relying on tangible results from real-life case studies over theory-backed clinical studies.

Below is a brief summary of some of my degrees and certifications, that I earned by studying under the brilliant minds of professors, researchers and medical experts that I’m proud to call my mentors.

• B.S. in Kinesiology — It was through this extensive program that I continued my education focused on the human body, specifically how muscles work, achieving balance, athletic performance, injury prevention, building muscle, losing fat, etc.

• Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) — It’s an honor to be recognized as Board Certified by the American College of Nutrition. This had a significant impact on my life and on my practice, inspiring me to heavily integrate nutrition and supplement into my own routine, as well as that of my clients, leading to improved performance and overall health.

• Ph.D. in Molecular & Medical Pharmacology — Even though my efforts are heavily focused in the science of “naturally” healing the body, it was the rapid effect of pharmaceutical drugs on the human body that first captured my fascination. Ironically, this intrigue led to my current ethos, as over half of all pharmaceuticals are made based off of the ingredients of natural plants. However, what I’m most passionate about and what I focused on primarily in my education, was anti-aging and endocrinology — which is the study of hormones and how to slow down the aging process — both physically and mentally.

• Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) — Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances, which are natural to the body. This typically consists of food, herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.
Why Should I Listen to You and Not Other Doctors?
By all means, I want you to listen to everyone. By exploring various insights and medicinal alternatives, you may be able to find just the right solution for your body. Medicine is about listening to your body and using your instinct and reliable information to help make an educational decision on what it is you need.

While I wish I had all the answers, no one does. If anything, what excited me most is knowing that I have so much that I haven’t even begun to learn. With the rapid advancement of technology and science, it’s never been a more exciting time in the medical field…as a professional or even as a patient.

Combined with my extensive educational background, I attribute my zest for learning one of the pillars of my success as an endocrinological advisor. Fueled to relay information to valuable clients like you, I don’t think it would be possible for me to intake information any faster than I already am! However, perhaps one of the biggest things that I offer my patients is the ability to simplify information in a way that they can digest. The body is complicated and if you read the wrong information, it can be scary too! My goal is to relay credible insights and data that you can rely on to improve yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Lastly, I recognize that my approach to medicine is different than traditional primary care physician who you visit with once a year. My job is to help provide you with long-term solutions that offer lasting results. Rather than mask symptoms, my goal is to identify the cause of what’s preventing your body from functioning properly so that we can heal you from within.

Trust me, I recognize the power of pharmaceutical drugs and how effective they are on the human body. However, nearly 50% of those same treatments are based on herbs, which leads me to wonder why I’d depend on medicine from a pharmaceutical company when I could achieve the same results with a plant that is 1/500th of the cost. Needless to say, I’m here to help the people, not my pockets…
What Part of Health Are You Most Passionate About?
My driving force has been discovering the intimate interworking between the mind and the body:

THOUGHTS for your mind HORMONES for your body

I’ve certainly vocalized how genetics play a huge role in your physical appearance as well as your behavior. However, I firmly believe that one can leverage the positivity in their life by combining the right MINDSET with optimal HORMONE levels. Accompanied by a heathy routine consisting of regular diet, exercise, supplements and stress management, you have the power to redefine your habits to reignite your life.
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