Cholesterol Optimizer™
Healthy Cholesterol & Lipid Profile*
Cholesterol Optimizer™
Healthy Cholesterol & Lipid Profile*

A 24+ year, doctor-formulated vegan pill that I formulated for my parents. Naturally helps promote healthy cholesterol & lipid metabolism within a normal, youthful range & overall cardiovascular health.*

  • Healthy cholesterol profile within normal range.*
  • Youthful & healthy serum lipid metabolism.*
  • Healthy “good” HDL & “bad” LDL profile.*
  • Liver health & function.*
  • Healthy triglycerides & homocysteine profile.*
  • One year guarantee + $100 cash back.
  • 24+ year proven track record.
  •  Reviews 2994+ (4.7 / 5) reviews.
  • Doctor formulated.
  • Clinically researched ingredients.
  • Extra strength, "all-in-one" vegan pill.
  • Verified certification of analysis.

Guaranteed Results or
Refund + $100.00

We've been in business since 1996 and online since 1999. We KNOW our formulas work and prove it with scientific studies.

That's why we give you an 1 YEAR to try our products risk-free.

However, because Cholesterol Optimizer™ is so effective and works quickly, we guarantee a healthy lipid profile in 30 days, or receive a full refund + an additional $100.00 cash back!*†

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2994+ Reviews

What Really Causes "High Cholesterol" & How To Have Healthy Levels Naturally & Quickly!

What Really Causes "High Cholesterol" & How To Have Healthy Levels Naturally & Quickly!

In this video, Dr. Sam Robbins reveals the primary causes & problems associated with unbalanced cholesterol levels… And how it can negatively affect both your heart & brain, potentially leading to early death!

More importantly, you’ll discover the all-in-one, easy & convenient solution he formulated for his parents, to help promote healthy cholesterol levels… without restrictive diets or time-consuming exercises.

Supplement Facts

Cholesterol Optimizer's 24+ years of success & popularity is because the "all-in-one" formula improves results & saves you time + money.

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Ingredient Benefits

Discover WHY specific ingredients were selected & HOW they work. Achieve your health goals quickly, safely & with less effort.

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How To Use

Each bottle contains extra-strength veggie caps, typically lasting about 30 days... Depending on your specific goals & speed of results.

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Questions & Answers

You may still have some questions that the above information didn't answer. If so, please view our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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